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Merchandise Description

Cable CZPT Products Drag Chain


Drag chain is also recognized as Cable CZPT .  It is a gadget for binding cables, wires, air stress tubes and oil force tubes to aid their rotation and movement. Drag chain is divided into steel drag chain and plastic drag chain.  Steel drag chain produced of steel and aluminum can be CZPT ized.  Plastic drag chain is also identified as CZPT plastic drag chain.  According to the various operational setting and needs, drag chain is divided into bridge Drag chain, completely closed Drag chain, semi-closed drag chain 3. 



1. Material: strengthened nylon, with substantial strain and tensile load, great toughness, large elasticity and dress in resistance, flame retardant, stable overall performance at higher and lower temperature, can be utilized outdoors.  

2. Resistance: oil resistance, salt resistance, and a certain acid, alkali resistance.  

three. CZPT and acceleration rely on procedure: capable of working at substantial speeds above CZPT distances, and able of acceleration and crisis stops.
four. Each website link of the drag chain can be opened for simple set up and routine maintenance.


Complex Knowledge:

Tensile CZPT 180N/mm² Quantity Resistance ten10-ten15Ω
Influence CZPT 50KJ/m² Water Absorbency 4%
Temperature Selection -40ºC~+130ºC Friction Coefficient .3
Area Resistance 10ten-tentwelveΩ Flame Retardancy HB(UL94)


Drag chain is utilized in reciprocating motion, which can play a function of traction and security to the constructed-in cable, oil pipe, gasoline pipe, water pipe, and so on.  Drag chain has been extensively utilised in CNC device equipment, electronic products, glass equipment, injection molding device manipulator, dealing with equipment, plastic machinery, lifting tools, woodworking equipment, auto industry, industrial autos, metallic processing equipment, device tools, casting equipment, port products and other industries.  

china  wholesaler High-Quality Steel Cable Drag Chain for Machine Tools Hot Sale manufacturers