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china shop Zx450h Zx470lch Zx470h Zx470r Track Group Hitachi Excavator Steel Track Chain Track Shoe Assy Undercarriage manufacturers

Solution Description

Specialist Excavator&Bulldozer Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts CZPT r

Manufacturing facility CZPT ing Directly, CZPT Top quality with Competitive Price!

Solution Functions:

Product Identify: HITACHI ZX130 ZX170 ZX195 ZX200 ZX210 ZX225 ZX230 ZX240 ZX250 EX200 EX220 EX240 ZX260 ZX270 ZX300 EX300 ZX330 ZX360 ZX400 ZX470 ZX490 ZX520 ZX670 Excavator Undercarriage Areas Keep track of CZPT Assy Observe Chain with Shoe Assembly Observe CZPT
Technological: Forging/Casting
Area Hardness: HRC52-fifty eight, Deepth:8mm-12mm
Colours: Black or Yellow
Finishing: Sleek
Relevant Industries: Machinery Mend Shops, CZPT performs
Material: 35MnB
Relevant Items: Monitor CZPT , Keep track of Pad, Monitor Roller, Loafer. CZPT s, CZPT Roller, Tensioner for Excavators And Dozers

Confirming Proportions With Us Before Buying
Make Confident the Areas Matching with Your CZPT

XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.N Excavator&Bulldozer Undercarriage Elements&Components Including:

  • Observe Chain With Keep track of Shoe Assembly
  • Segments for CZPT Responsibility Excavator and CZPT dozer
  • Travel CZPT s
  • Track Roller
  • Carriaer Roller
  • Loafer
  • Tensioner CZPT
  • Bolts&Nuts for All Part

Relevant Types:

EX40-one EX40-2 EX55 EX60 EX60-2 EX60-three EX60-5 EX70 EX75
EX100 EX110 EX120 EX120-1 EX120-two EX120-3 EX120-five EX130-1 EX200-one
EX200-two EX200-3 EX200-five EX220-3 EX220-five EX270 EX300 EX300-one EX300-2
EX300-3 EX300-five EX300A EX330 EX370 EX400-one EX400-two EX400-3 EX400-five
EX450 ZAX30 ZAX55 ZAX200 ZAX200-two ZAX330 ZAX450-one ZAX450-three ZAX450-five
ZX110 ZX120 ZX200 ZX200-one ZX200-three ZX200-5G ZX200LC-three ZX210 ZX210-three
ZX210-five ZX225 ZX240 ZX250 ZX270 ZX300 ZX330 ZX330C ZX350
ZX450 ZX450LC ZX500 ZX500LC ZX520 ZX670 ZX690 ZX870 ZX130
ZX170 ZX170LC ZX195 ZX260 ZX360 ZX360LC ZX400 ZX470 ZX490
PC20-7 PC30 PC30-3 PC30-5 PC30-six PC40-seven PC45 PC45-two PC55
PC120-6 PC130 PC130-seven PC200 PC200-1 PC200-three PC200-five PC200-six PC200-seven
PC200-8 PC210-6 PC220-one PC220-3 PC220-six PC220-seven PC220-eight PC270-7 PC202B
PC220LC-six PC220LC-8 PC240 PC300 PC300-three PC300-5 PC300-6 PC300-7 PC300-7K
PC300LC-7 PC350-6/seven PC400 PC400-three PC400-five PC400-six PC400LC-7 PC450-six PC450-7
PC600 PC650 PC750 PC800 PC1100 PC1250 PC2000 PC360 PC460
D20  D31 D50 D60 D61 D61PX D65A D65P D64P-twelve
D80 D85 D155 D275 D355 D85PX D85EX D65EX D65PX
D65E D68 D68ESS D75 D75S D85ESS D155 D155A D155AX
D275 D275AX D355 D475          
E200B E200-5 E320D E215 E320DL E324D E324DL E329DL E300L
E320S E320 E320DL E240 E120-1 E311 E312B E320BL E345
E324 E140 E300B E330C E120 E70 E322C E322B E325
E325L E330 E450 CAT225 CAT312B CAT315 CAT320 CAT320C CAT320BL
CAT330 CAT322 CAT245 CAT325 CAT320L CAT973  CAT939C CAT963C CAT313
CAT323 CAT318 CAT326 CAT328 CAT329 CAT336 CAT340 CAT345 CAT349
D3 D3B D3C D3D D4 D4C D4D D4E D4H
D5 D5B D5C D5D D5H D5M D6 D6C D6D
D6H D6M D6R D6G D6N D7 D7C D7D D7E
D7F D7G D7H D7R D8 D8R D8N D8H D8T
D8L D8K D8G D8M D9 D9L D9N D9R D9T
D10 D10R D10N D10T D11 D11R D11N    
SK120-6 SK120-five SK210-eight SK210LC-eight SK220 SK220-1 SK220-3 SK220-5/6 SK200 
SK200 SK200  SK200-three SK200-6 SK200-8 SK200-5/6 SK60 SK290 SK100
SK230 SK250 SK250-8 SK260LC-8 SK300 SK300-2 SK300-4 SK310 SK320
SK330-8 SK330 SK350LC-eight SK235SR SK450 SK480 SK30-6    
SH120  SH120-3 SH200 SH210-five SH200 SH220-three SH220-5/seven SH290-3 SH350-5/seven
SH220 SH280 SH290-seven SH260 SH300 SH300-three SH300-five SH350 SH60
EC160C EC160D EC180B EC180C EC180D EC210 EC210 EC210B EC240B
EC290 EC290B EC240 EC55 EC360 EC360B EC380D EC460 EC460B
EC460C EC700 EC140 EC140B EC160B EC350 EC350DL EC480 EC340
R914 R924 R934 R944 R916 R926 R936 R954 R966
R974 R984              
JH60-seven JH115 JH135 JH161 JH185        
DH200 DH220-3 DH220 DH220S DH280-two DH280-three DH55 DH258 DH130
DH370 DH80 DH500 DH450 DH225 DH150 DH330 DH400 DH580
R60-5 R60-7 R80-7 R200 R200-3 R210 R210-one R210-9 R210LC
R210LC-7 R225 R225-3 R225-7 R250 R250-7 R290 R290LC R290LC-7
R320 R360 R954 R205 R210-five R215 R230 R235 R275
R300 R385 R485            
HD512 HD1430 HD512III HD820III HD820R HD1430III HD700VI HD1250VII HD250SE
HD400SE HD500SE HD1880            
DX225 DX225LC DX258 DX300 DX300LCA DX420 DX430 DX140 DX150
DX220 DX250 DX255 DX260 DX370 DX480 DX520    
SD13-2 DH16J2XL DH16J2LGP SD16 SD22 SD32      
FOR Scenario
CX210 CX210B CX210C CX210D CX210LC CX225 CX235 CX235C CX240
CX240C CX245 CX250 CX250C CX300 CX300C CX330 CX330C CX350
CX350C CX460 CX460LC CX470 CX470C CX490 CX490D CX700 CX700B
CX750 CX750D              
JS200 JS200SC JS210 JS210SC JS220 JS220LC JS230 JS230LC JS240
JS240LC JS290 JS290LC JS300 JS300LC JS330 JS330LC    
XE155DK XE150D XE155D XE200DA XE200D XE200C XE205DA XE215DA XE215C
XE215D XE215HB XE225DK XE230C XE245DK XE240D XE260C XE265C XE270DK
XE305D XE335DK XE335C XE370D XE370DK XE370CA XE370C XE380DK XE470D
XE490DK XE490CK XE500HB XE520DK XE550DK XE750D XE750G XE950D XE950G
XE950DA XE55 XE60 XE65 XE75 XE80 XE85 XE135 XE150
XE155 XE200 XE205 XE215 XE225 XD230 XE240 XE245 XE260
XE265 XE270 XE305 XE335 XE370 XE380 XE470 XE490 XE500
XE520 XE550 XE750 XE950          
MS30 MS110 MS110-3 MS110-five MS110-8 MS180      
SE210 SE280 SE320            
IHI35 IHI50 IHI55 IHI60 IHI75        
YM15 YM30 YM35 YM55 YM65 YM85      
LG906C LG907 LG200 LG220 LG925 LG934      

Packing&Shipping and delivery


one. You are a trader or a manufacture?
We are an industry and trade integration business.

two. How can I be sure the part will fit my excavator/bulldozer?
Give us correct model number/machine serial number/ any numbers on the parts itself. Or measure the parts give us dimension or drawing.

3. How about the payment terms?
We usually accept T/T(Wire Transfer). other terms also could be negotiated.

4. What is your minimum order?
It depends on what you are buying. Normally, 1 pcs also can be suppllied.

5. What is your delivery time?
FOB HangZhou or any Chinese port : 20 days . If there are any parts in stock , our delivery time is only 1-5 days.

six. What about Quality Control?
We have a perfect QC system for the perfect products. A team who will detect the product quality and specification piece carefully, monitoring every production process until packing is complete, to ensure product safety into container.

Contact Us:

Freda CZPT
Revenue Manager

Include: Lingong Street, HangZhou Metropolis, ZheJiang Province, CZPT
Mobile:  150 6592 9360


china  shop Zx450h Zx470lch Zx470h Zx470r Track Group Hitachi Excavator Steel Track Chain Track Shoe Assy Undercarriage manufacturers

china shop Conveyor Chain Links Steel Chain Agricultural Chain manufacturers

Product Description

Fall Solid Chains "Y" Serial
• It is composed of forged steel backlinks, which can be equipped with CZPT plastic or steel scrapers. The link pin amongst these back links is in a circlip variation.
• Particular heat handled alloy steel,fall cast and precision machined, with circumstance hardened.
• CZPT strength, strong load-carrying functionality.
• Very challenging exterior surface and excellent put on
Complex Requirements

Model P
Breaking Load
P100 one hundred 30 33 fourteen fifteen.5 thirteen 140KN 40Cr
P125-B one hundred twenty five 35 34 17 seventeen eight 150KN 40Cr
P142 142 50.eight 43 25 19 12.2 180KN 20CrMnTi
300KN 40Cr
P142H 142 50 62 25 29 15 280KN 20CrMnTi
460KN 40Cr
P160 a hundred and sixty 40 forty eight 20 22.five 20 240KN 40Cr
P200 200 64 50 32 23 fifteen 390KN 40Cr
P200-E 200 forty five forty two twenty twenty twelve.two 200KN 40Cr

Notice: CZPT ised dimensions and substance are CZPT CZPT

Roller CZPT Chains
• It consists of a mixture of interior and outer backlinks. 
• The bush/pin connections between the links are CZPT in a circlip, break up pin, or a riveted variation. 
• The metal scrapers can be both bent or welded. 
• UHMWPE lights are recommended to attach to the scrapers for far more eficiency and higher use resistance.
GLF Kind
Technological Requirements

Design Pitch
T1 T2 Roller
Pin Dia
E1 E2 Number
of Holes
d Breaking
Load in
66.675 266.seven 26 thirty 6 6 22.23   12.seven 182 90 150 four nine one hundred thirty
sixty six.675 266.7 26 thirty six six 22.23   12.seven 215 ninety five 195 4 nine one hundred thirty
sixty six.675 266.seven 26 30 six six 22.23   12.seven 295 ninety five 195 4 nine a hundred thirty
100 200 38 forty 6 six 36 21.6 sixteen a hundred and seventy 115   2 nine 220
one hundred 200 38 forty six six 36 21.six 16 225 104 194 4 nine 220
100 two hundred 38 40 6 6 36 21.6 sixteen 294 a hundred and fifteen 245 four nine 220
a hundred two hundred 28 thirty 5 five 22.23   fourteen.27 225 ninety five 195 4 9 ninety
a hundred twenty five 500 fifty fifty 8 8 32   19.9 285 a hundred and fifty five 255 4 9 220
125 250 32.5 forty six six 28.fifty eight 20 14.27 235 ninety five 195 four 9 170
a hundred and sixty 320 27 45 six six 32 twenty fourteen.27 290 193   2 9 193

GLR Kind
Complex Requirements

Design Pitch
T1 T2 Roller
Pin Dia
E1 E2 Variety
of Holes
d Breaking
Load in
GLR66.675 sixty six.675 266.7 27.five 30 6 6 24   13 a hundred thirty 102 32 4 9 90
GLR100 100 200 38 40 6 six 36 21.6 sixteen one hundred thirty 102 32 4 9 220


Could you you should send me inquiry for details?


china  shop Conveyor Chain Links Steel Chain Agricultural Chain manufacturers

china shop Latch Lock Stainless Steel Metal Safety Door Gate Chain manufacturers

Solution Description

Latch-Barn Doorway Lock Casement Window Lock French Doorway Lock-Sound Bronze (Bronze)

Sliding Correct CZPT le Door Latch 90°Degree CZPT Metal Protection Gate Latch for Barn Door Hasp Lock, Brushed End Gate Lock,3 Inch

More style check out

Furniture components add-ons:
CZPTproduct-team/vMXEmYloVtfG/Household furniture-hardware-catalog-1.html

New get there go to:

Sound dutch bolts CZPT :

  • Solid Brass 4" Dutch Doorway Bolt, Hd
  • use to lock upper and reduced panels jointly
  • for incorporate stability insert deadbolt to upper panel
  • general measurement 4-5/16"

3.ninety eight x 1.69 x 1.06 inches

Hefty-obligation CZPT Steel Lock Protection Doorway Lock

Functions: Ideal for door and window protection, locker area, lavatory, cabinet, drawer, household furniture, and many others.

It is intricate and simple to set up.

You can also use it as a lock for small pet cages

Produced of stainless metal, corrosion resistant and durable.

Locks made by specialist companies, novel layout, gentle and sensible.

Colour: as proven

Material: CZPT metal
Mounting hardware: including black stainless metal screws / CZPT eners

  • Satin Nickel Diecast
  • Utilised on more mature style wooden casement windows
  • Set up screws provided
  • Place of Origin: CZPT



china  shop Latch Lock Stainless Steel Metal Safety Door Gate Chain manufacturers

china shop Wholesale Professional Manufacture Price Cheap Motorcycle Steel Conveyor Chain manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Driving chain is a chain mostly used to transmit CZPT .The composition of the driving chain is made up of an internal website link and an outer url. It is composed of six tiny elements: interior chain plate, outer chain plate, pin shaft, sleeve and roller,Connecting Pin. Roller chain is a kind of driving chainThe chain does not want a good deal of pressure, so the load on the shaft and bearing is modest there is no slip, trustworthy transmission, sturdy overload capacity, and it can function nicely at reduced speed and weighty load.
ZHangZhoug Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Shengtuo CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd. was at first named Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. CZPT Chain Factory. The factory was launched in November 2000. With the assist of CZPT ers from all walks of daily life and the company's attempts, a new Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Shengtuo CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd. was set up in January 2006. It covers an area of 20,000 sq. meters and is situated in Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis., a CZPT very hot spring city with gorgeous mountains and clear waters, the hometown of fluorite. Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Shengtuo CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd. is a personal restricted liability organization integrating creation, processing, distribution and wholesale. Chains are the primary items of Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Shengtuo CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd. Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Shengtuo CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd. is an enterprise authorized and registered by relevant state departments. Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Shengtuo CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd. has set up CZPT -phrase cooperative relations with many enterprises with robust power, realistic costs and outstanding solutions. Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Shengtuo CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes all walks of daily life to check out, inspect and negotiate enterprise.Q1: How do you make CZPT business CZPT -time period and good partnership?
A:1. We hold good quality and competitive price tag to guarantee CZPT CZPT ers benefit 2. We regard every single CZPT er as CZPT pal and we sincerely do company and make friends with them,no make a difference in which they come from.
Q2: Can I go to check out your manufacturing unit?
A: Of course, warmly welcome to pay a visit to us any time!
Q3:What is the producing method?
A:Production approach such as uncooked materials cutting, device processing, grinding, equipment cleansing, assemble, cleaning, stoving, oil coating, cover pressing, tests, package deal.
Q4:How to control the items top quality?
A:Combining CZPT d products and rigid management, we provide substantial standard and good quality bearings for CZPT CZPT ers all above the entire world.
Q5:How can I get a lot more data about your item?
A:You can send out us an electronic mail or request CZPT on the internet representatives and we can send you the most recent catalog and price listing.
Q6:How CZPT for producing after we area buy?
A:It truly is about 7-15 days soon after payment or disposit.

china  shop Wholesale Professional Manufacture Price Cheap Motorcycle Steel Conveyor Chain manufacturers

china shop Stainless Steel Jewelry Custom Gold Ball Chain manufacturers

Item Description

Merchandise Description: Stainless Metal CZPT CZPT Gold Ball Chain

one. Metal CZPT : 316L CZPT steel OR 316 stainless steel
two. MOQ: 300PCS/style    (for order)
three. Mini get: 1-20PCS            (for stock)
4. Main cost: two.-5.0USD,Depending on the design (EXW)
five. Customized Sample time: 25~30days
6. Mass generation time: twenty five~35days

Our Rewards
Stable international trade staff and skilled workers
nine-year's stainless metal jewellery manufacturing experience
six-year's stainless steel jewellery to the entire world exporting experience
Specialist stainless steel jewelry company in Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.,HangZhou, CZPT
 OEM for entire world CZPT vogue brand names
 Stable shipping and delivery time,fantastic high quality & sincere provider

We are primarily manufacturing the medium-fantastic quality of the marketplace in CZPT ica and CZPT pe.
We also take CZPT ,and have helped the brand identify business to make their high top quality design jewelry merchandise.there are numerous CZPT ers picking us as we are the manufacturer who supply the Promise of QUALITYand DELIVERY with the Competitive Value.Until now,we have proven a quantity of faithful CZPT ers which make the re-purchase for a CZPT time,and they hugely value CZPT  services,charges, quality, shipping time, etc.
Our Services
We will keep update production method news by photos for you in the course of purchase.
We will notice you in time if have any difficulty in generation,and remedy out that jointly.
Price-extra companies:  3D drawing style,purchasing accessories, CZPT label, plated(IPG2N18,18K gold,rose gold,black,silver,genuine gold,Rhodium), CZPT LOGO or stamp on the goods, pecial packing and other added companies etc.
Additional large ring size CZPT  made (eg: US19)
You could return them for us if merchandise exsit the top quality issue, and we will re-make for you till you feel satidfied.  
Packaging & CZPT
Each and every piece in a seal bag (5X7cm), each 100 pieces in a big seal bag
then in Carton/Shield bag 
Or accept CZPT packing needs.

Welcome to check out CZPT  factory !
Our stable international trade group and expert personnel are your best guarantee!

china  shop Stainless Steel Jewelry Custom Gold Ball Chain manufacturers

china shop Factory Supplier ASTM G80 Standard Alloy Steel Industrial Link Chain manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Factory Supplier ASTM G80 Common Alloy Metal CZPT CZPT Chain

Solution Description



Grade80 Alloy Chain
(For overhead lifting programs, only alloy chain must be utilized)  
Nominal Chain Measurement Material   Diameter Working   Load Restrict(Max.) Proof   Test(Min.) Minimum   Breaking Force Inside   Size(Max.) Inside Width Range
in mm in mm Ibs kg Ibs kN Ibs kN in mm in mm
seven/32 five.5 .217 5.five two,a hundred 970 4,two hundred 19 8,400 38 .sixty nine seventeen.six .281-.325 seven.fourteen-8.25
nine/32 seven .276 7 3,five hundred 1,570 7,000 thirty.8 14,000 61.six .nine 22.nine .375-.430 nine.fifty three-10.92
five/sixteen 8 .315 8 4,five hundred 2,000 9,000 40.3 18,000 80.6 1.04 26.4 .430-.500 ten.92-12.70
three/eight ten .394 10 seven,one hundred 3,two hundred fourteen,two hundred 63 28,four hundred 126 1.26 32 .512-.600 thirteen.00-15.20
1/2 thirteen .512 13 twelve,000 five,400 24,000 107 48,000 214 1.sixty four forty one.6 .688-.768 seventeen.forty eight-19.fifty
5/8 sixteen .sixty three sixteen eighteen,000 eight,two hundred 36,200 161 seventy two,four hundred 322 2.02 51.2 .812-.945 twenty.sixty three-24.00
three/four 20 .787 20 28,three hundred 12,800 fifty six,600 252 113,two hundred 504 2.fifty two 64 .984-1.180 25.00-thirty.00
seven/eight 22 .866 22 34,200 fifteen,500 68,400 305 136,800 610 2.seventy seven 70.4 1.080-1.three hundred 27.fifty-33.00
one 26 one.02 26 forty seven,seven hundred 21,600 95,400 425 a hundred ninety,800 850 3.28 83.two 1.280-1.540 32.fifty-39.00
1.1/four 32 one.26 32 seventy two,three hundred 32,800 one hundred forty four,600 644 289,200 1288 4.03 102.4 1.580-1.890 forty.00-48.00


Grade eighty Chain can be utilised as assembly with lifting hook and ring to carry weighty excess weight.

All chain created to NACM are proof load examined at stage of manufacture.

Suited for functioning temperature assortment -40° - 200°C at full WLL.

Solution Characteristics:

• Material: high-quality alloy steel.

• Surface remedy: self-color, polishing, black, plastic coating, hot-dip galvanized. and so on.

• Safety Element 4:1.

• Product marking: G80 or needed by client.

• We also can make the CZPT -common chain in accordance to the clients'requirements.



 DO NOT EXCEED THE Doing work LOAD Limit.

Functioning LOAD Restrict designates the highest anxiety in lbs which must ever be utilized to chain. This refers also to chain in the ideal situation, when new, and when the load is used uniformly to a straight, untwisted size of chain. WARNING: Function LOAD Limit Should NOT BE EXCEEDED.

Break Test LOAD is the minimal load in lbs at which new chain has been discovered by expertise to crack, under tests in which the load is applied in immediate rigidity to a straight length of chain with a uniform charge of speed on a common chain screening equipment.


Thorough Images



Packaging & CZPT



Firm Profile


HangZhou CZPT ful CZPT ry Co., Ltd. is positioned in HangZhou, one particular of the largest port town in CZPT . As CZPT major manufacturer for rigging, lifting, and materials managing purposes, CZPT ful CZPT ry delivers a assorted portfolio of goods engineered to exceed the hardest requires of any sector, construction, cargo handling, towing, maritime, and transportation.

Our products consist of welded chain, G80 and G100 lifting chain & components, hooks, shackles, hoist rings, grasp hyperlinks, chain slings, turnbuckles, snatch blocks, wire rope & fittings and a host of other CZPT engineered solutions: the most extensive portfolio in the market.

Potent CZPT ry has 20 years of export knowledge, with CZPT ers in dozens of countries around the planet.

At CZPT ful CZPT ry, We have a staff of pros operating collectively to give CZPT CZPT ers with the ideal items and providers. When you pick CZPT ful CZPT ry, you are certain much more than exceptional merchandise-you are confirmed the high quality assurance that comes with a CZPT er services group committed to exceeding conclude person expectations.At CZPT ful CZPT ry, it really is not just about lifting items it really is about doing work with a CZPT ed associate who is invested in your success.



one. Where is your manufacturing unit found?

Our factory is positioned at #37, Wenhua Highway, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis., HangZhou Metropolis, ZheJiang Province, CZPT . 
You are welcomed to check out us any time for long term cooperation.

2. What products do you provide?  

As mentioned previously mentioned, HangZhou CZPT ful CZPT ry is capable of supplying:
♦ all varieties of maritime supplies 
♦ chains
♦ rigging hardwares
♦ CZPT eners
♦ and relevant hardwares

three. Do you generate them all?

We make all types of chains in CZPT manufacturing facility, other items in CZPT associate factories. By establishing cooperation agreements & capital injection, we obtained a wide & strong supply chain to meet up with your needs.

4. How do you manage quality? 

By setting up top quality handle points and inspecting at every generation method with strict standards, the faulty products will be removed prior to packaging and shipping and delivery. For companion factories, we use a extensive method of top quality expectations to consider the 
manufacturing line. Also CZPT skilled QC crew will apply the onsite check and finish product check out before shipping and delivery.

5. Why are you a lot more CZPT worthy than the other factories? 

Quick Reaction: 
We comments your questions right away 24 hrs a day, 7 days each and every week.

Competitive Price tag:
We can give a a lot more competitive price tag based mostly on the exact same good quality stage by a lot more efficient management in each and every process.

1-quit Resolution:
Just say what you want, and we'll figure out a 1-end remedy for your company to save your time and hard work.

six.  How do I pay out? 

We take thirty% payment in CZPT & 70% ahead of cargo for the very first cooperation, either by T/T or L/C.

seven. How do I receive the products? 

With CZPT specialist transportation agents, we are able of shipping and delivery products to most ports all in excess of the planet. Door-to-doorway services is also supported.

FOB, C&F, CIF are most typically utilised trade conditions.


china  shop Factory Supplier ASTM G80 Standard Alloy Steel Industrial Link Chain manufacturers

china shop S38h Chain Bush Raw Material & Chain Bush Steel Strip manufacturers

Merchandise Description

A variety of dimension of flat wire can be supplied for roller chain, special chain and bike chain. Also we can create the dimension just according to your drawing.

Solution identify Flat wire & Bush Strip & Bush Raw Content
Application Motorcycle chain bush & CZPT chain bush
Material steel quality as CZPT er need
Type Flat metal wire
Coils 20~100kgs
MOQ one metric ton
Lead time 30 Days
Package Wooden circumstance or wood pallet
HARDNESS seventy five-88 HRB
TENSILE Toughness 45-65KG/MM²
BURR NOT Authorized
Pickling 10 minutes

Standard bush material dimension checklist
Item Material quality Dimension (width*thickness Hardness Corner
03C 20CrMnMo three.65-.03*.39-.01 HRB80-HRB85 R0.25 mm
04B 20CrMnMo four.1-.04*.forty two-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.25 mm
04C 20CrMnMo four.6+.02/-.02*.forty six-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.twenty five mm
04CH 20CrMnMo five.2+.02/-.02*.46-.015 HRB80-HRB85 R0.25 mm
05BTF2 20CrMnMo seven.8+.03/-.03*.52-.015 HRB80-HRB85 R0.25 mm
05E 20CrMnMo 7.forty eight-.03*.59-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.twenty five mm
06B 20Mn 8.3-.06*.7-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.35 mm
06C 20Mn 7.twenty five-.04*.71-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.35 mm
420 20Mn nine.27-.04*.78-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.4 mm
420H 20Mn 10.34-.06*.78-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.4 mm
08A forty 20Mn 10.92-.04*.seventy eight-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.4 mm
08AH 40H 20Mn eleven.9-.05*.79-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.4 mm
08B 20Mn 10.9+.02/-.02*.ninety one-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.45 mm
08BH 20Mn eleven.ninety four-.04*.91-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.forty five mm
10A fifty 20Mn 13.4-.04*.93-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.47 mm
10AH  50H 20Mn 14.fifteen-.04*.ninety four-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.forty seven mm
10B 20Mn 12.9-.06*.92-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.47 mm
10BH 20Mn thirteen.2-.06*.94-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.47 mm
12A 60 20Mn seventeen.35-.04*1.thirteen-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.6 mm
12AH 60H 20Mn 18.ninety seven-.04*1.thirteen-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.6 mm
12B 20Mn 15.2-.06*1.thirteen-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.6 mm
12BH 20Mn sixteen.4-.06*1.02-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.6 mm
16A 80 20Mn 22.fifteen-.06*1.fifty three-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.8 mm
16AH 80H 20Mn 23.85-.06*1.fifty three-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.8 mm
16B 20Mn 25.02-.06*1.55-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.8 mm
16BH 20Mn 24.75-.04*1.25-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.8 mm
20A one hundred 20Mn 26.88-.04*1.97-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.ninety seven mm
20AH 100H 20Mn 28.8-.04*1.95-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.97 mm
20B 20Mn 28.6-.04*1.eighty four-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.ninety seven mm
P38 20Mn 27.7-.06*1.forty three-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.8 mm
S38H 20Mn 29.seventy five-.06*1.forty two-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.8 mm
CA550 20Mn 25.4-.06*1.56-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.8 mm
24A  one hundred twenty 20Mn 34.8-.06*2.14-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R1.08 mm
24B 20Mn 37.3-.04*1.92-.02 HRB80-HRB85 R0.97 mm

Q:What is the weight for every coil?
A:it really is in accordance to your necessity, we can make 20~100kgs for each and every coil.
Q:What is actually your deal?
A:Picket pallet, iron pallet, wooden circumstance is CZPT .
Q:Can you ship components inspection report ?
A:Indeed, we will deliver this check report with each other with other files after cargo.
Q:Could I check out factory just before co-procedure?
A:We constantly welcome your pay a visit to us to know each and every other nicely and know effectively about CZPT products.
Q:Can you acknowledge little quantity orders?
A:Yes, We will give CZPT ideal services for every get.
Q:Can you source uncooked material report?
A:Yes, we will send out all paperwork after shipment.
Q:Can you ship C.O?
A:Of course.
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china  shop S38h Chain Bush Raw Material & Chain Bush Steel Strip manufacturers

china shop Stainless steel agricultural transmission roller conveyor chain automatic line chain (C2082HP) manufacturers

Product Description

Stainless steel agricultural transmission roller conveyor chain computerized line chain (C2082HP) 

Product introduction

Materials Stainless steel
Surface area Therapy Sprucing,First Colour,Sprucing
Relevant Industries Building Materials Outlets, CZPT Plant, CZPT ry .........
Regular or CZPT common Regular
Warmth Therapy: Substantial Temperature Hardening
Shade Elf,darkish yellow,darkish blue,black

•Large reduction ratio (usually up to 1:7)
•Chains can be employed with CZPT shaft heart distances (typically up to 4m). By altering the amount of back links it is achievable to freely modify the shaft centre distance.
•The chain can be utilised on equally sides and push several shafts at the same time.
•Easy installation and replacement (effortless to lower and hook up chains).
•If the distance between shafts is brief, it can be employed vertically.
•The sprocket diameter of a chain push CZPT smaller than a belt pulley while transmitting the exact same torque.
•Transmitting CZPT by meshing numerous tooth outcomes in significantly less wear of sprocket enamel than gears.
•Chain drives have increased shock absorption than gear drives.


Large STHangZhouRD Heat Therapy

Through high specifications,strictly control the heat,improve the hardness/toughness and offer support life.


The thickness is CZPT ized from raw materials chain plate in rigorous accordance with the standard

Higher Quality Content

Lovely and corrosion-resistant, the solution surface area is dealt with with rust avoidance, stunning and easy!


Slicing in rigid accordance with the normal, CZPT screening,
and in no way reduce corners

Environmentally friendly CZPT Market Co Llimited is an global export organization blended with manufacturing unit specializing in the manufacturing of brake technique , clutch method,spark plug and chain . Our firm is a specialist producer and supplier of brake,chain and clutch in CZPT . We the two have CZPT possess brake lining manufacturing unit, brake pad factory, brake shoe manufacturing facility ,clutch disc manufacturing facility,chain factory, spark plug manufacturing facility .We focus on creating higher-good quality items for CZPT marketplace ,Our company have produced and made high top quality brake in formula CZPT -metallic and asbestos free of charge for auto and brake shoe assembly for heavy responsibility truck . The manufacturing are observed excellent traits this sort of as large toughness , substantial heat-resisting , use-resisting.low dust advantage ,no sounds and greater balance . The collection products experienced been exporting to North -The united states ,Europe ,Center -East ,Australia and and so forth, commonly sale to domestic CZPT factories and aftermarket.

Our business is composed of skilled team , procedure CZPT d manufacturing inspection and tests gear Every item have passed the very first inspection, approach inspection, mistake avoidance, and laboratory checks to guarantee that each piece of qualified merchandise sent to CZPT ers

We are established to set up the aim of "superb good quality and enjoyable service·, with·the very first class top quality , realistic price and excellent service . we established strick demand from customers and work conforming to the common to ensure all the items can be meet up with CZPT CZPT er's needs
1.Q: What is the certification of your manufacturing facility?
   A: We have passed IAF ISO and TS16949  certification.

2.Q: Can it be produced according to the sample?
   A: Indeed, we can create by way of your samples or specialized drawings. We can construct molds and fixtures.

three.Q: Do you check all merchandise before shipping and delivery?
   A: Of course, we perform 100% good quality testing prior to shipping, and we are 100% responsible for item top quality.

four.Q: What is your supply time?
   A:If we have inventory, we can send it instantly inside a week. If not, it normally ranges from 7 times to 35 days, depending on the quantity.

5.Q: What is your sample policy?
   A: We want to provide you with samples for acceptance. There will be no cost for 1 or 2 samples, but the CZPT er needs to bear the courier payment 1st. 
It will be downside to CZPT er when get positioned

six.Q: How do you make CZPT company set up a CZPT -term very good cooperative connection?
   A:1. We keep superb high quality and aggressive prices to make certain that CZPT CZPT ers advantage
      2. We respect every CZPT er as CZPT pal, we do organization sincerely and make pals broadly,No matter exactly where they appear from. 

china  shop Stainless steel agricultural transmission roller conveyor chain automatic line chain (C2082HP) manufacturers

china shop Ca550 Steel Agricultural Chain with W/a-1 Attachments manufacturers

Item Description

1, Chain kinds: Agricultural roller chain, agricultural conveyor chain, transmission chain, silent chains, oil pump chains, weld steel drag chains, plastic chains and so on
2, Principal materials: It is 40Mn. 40Cr, 45Mn alloy metal, SUS304, and POM Plastic for plates, ten#, twenty#, 20CrMnMo, 30CrMnTi for pins and rollers
3, Warmth remedy: Carburizing, Austemper Stressing, nitro-caburizing harden and so forth
4, Surface: Shot peening, black, blue or unique
5, Bundle way: Plastic bag+ carton box+ plywood situation

We are a top maker of mechanical transmission spare areas, as nicely as numerous many years one particular of trustworthy and CZPT deserving vendors for CZPT pean, CZPT ica, Iran marketplace and so on. Our main items are roller chains, conveyor chains, transmission chain, pulleys, V-belts, sprockets, transmission gears, gear shafts, roller bearings, rollers, conveyor belts and many others.

At current, For South CZPT ican, CZPT pean, and Asian market, CZPT exceptional merchandise are fabricated according to your need and CZPT top quality meets ISO, ASME, DIN standard.

I hope we can do business jointly, and search ahead to hearing from you soon

china  shop Ca550 Steel Agricultural Chain with W/a-1 Attachments producers